25 + Foods You Should Never Store in the Refrigerator

Refrigerators have been keeping foods cool in our homes since 1913, however not all things stay fresher in the ice chest. It is safe to say that you are making these sustenance stockpiling slip-ups?


At whatever point you are putting away avocados, dependably ensure they are put away at room temperature. It is on the grounds that it in this manner results in the quicker aging of the avocados.


The capacity of basil ought to dependably be at room temperature, much the same as different herbs. Besides, you ought to ever leave the basil submerged in water at room temperature.

Ringer Peppers

At whatever point these peppers are put away at low temperatures, the skins lose its crunchiness. It is along these lines fitting this pepper to be put away at room temperature to keep up the crunchy feel.


In spite of the normal conviction, it isn’t prescribed to store your cucumbers in the icebox. It is on the grounds that putting away them in coolers makes them hollowed and watery. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you choose to refrigerate them, it is fitting to dependably twist them up in plastic to lessen the dampness levels.


Typically, pickles come officially protected in this manner refrigerating them would not be important. You should subsequently spare your icebox’s space to store something unique which is more transient.


Introduction to dampness while in the refrigerator makes onions get delicate and mildew covered. It is therefore crucial to dependably store your onions in a cool and dry place, yet never close potatoes or in a plastic sack.


Putting away garlic in iceboxes makes them build up a rubbery vibe. Therefore, much the same as onions, they ought to dependably be put away in a cool and dry area.


Putting away potatoes in the ice chest opens them to dampness which makes them fine and sweet. Along these lines, you should stash your potatoes in a paper pack at room temperature for best taste in the wake of cooking.


The capacity of tomatoes in room temperature is fitting since it ensures the tomatoes will have ideal succulence and flavor not at all like whenever put away in a cooler.


The capacity of bananas ought to be at hotter temperatures to age. It is accordingly imperative to not store the bananas in the ice chest to hurry its aging.


The introduction to the cooler’s dampness ruins berries. Consequently, you should store your berries at room temperature where they have a superior possibility of staying new. Ultimately, it is prescribed just to wash the berries just before you eat them.

Citrus Fruits

Never store citrus natural products in the refrigerator yet on the counter. In addition, frequently check for molds and dependably discard those with shape since the form quickly spreads to other people.


Melons should just be put away in the cooler after they have been cut. In any case, on the off chance that they are still entire, dependably store them at room temperature so they can age at a quicker rate.

Olive Oil

Putting away olive oil in the ice chest makes it solidify. Consequently, you should stash your olive oil in a cool and dull place at room temperature.

Hot Sauce

Normally, hot sauce contains vinegar in it which keeps it saved. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a rich sauce, it is important to store it in the icebox.


The capacity of ketchup in the refrigerator is disputable. The acridity of the ketchup guarantees you can proceed with no stress store your salsa out of the cooler for roughly multi month, and it will at present be new. All things considered, if the ketchup goes on for over multi month, it is fitting to discover room in the ice chest to store the salsa.

Soy Sauce

Normally, soy sauce is aged and on account of this, it tends to be put away at room temperature for over a year without waiting be refrigerated.


Dairy items require capacity in the cooler, yet putting away margarine in the icebox influences it to toughen and thus difficult to spread. It is in this manner prudent to store sticks of margarine out for roughly seven days in sensible temperatures with the goal that it protects its pleasant consistency.


Notwithstanding where it is put away, nectar will never turn on you. Consequently, spare the space in the ice chest to store something different.

Nutty spread

You can store nutty spread at room temperature for three months previously expecting to store it in the cooler.


Putting away nuts in the ice chest meddles with its flavor. In this manner, dependably store your nuts in a water/air proof jug and in a place that is neither excessively hot nor excessively chilly.


Placing bread in the cooler influences it to go stale. In any case, in the event that you plan to solidify it in the cooler at that point toast it, it is alright.

Baked goods

On the off chance that you have remaining baked goods, and you mean to spare them for sometime later, never store it in the fridge. Rather, place it in paper packs and store it at room temperature.


Never keep chocolate in the icebox except if you are into chocolate with dull flavor and a coarse consistency. Rather, store your chocolate at room temperature in a dry and dim area since that is the point at which its flavor is ideal.

Espresso (Beans or Ground)

In the event that you need to accomplish the best flavor in your some espresso, dependably store the espresso in the wash room and never in the ice chest.


Putting away these in the ice chest isn’t important particularly on the off chance that they just have put away at room temperature for under about fourteen days.

Canned Fish

Prior to opening up canned fish, it can remain unrefrigerated as confirm by the way that you discover it in the unrefrigerated segment of the market. When opened is the point at which you should store it in your refrigerator.

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