Be Honest! Dagrin, Barrister Or Fela – Who Will You Bring Back If You Had The Power?

Nigeria music is improving day by day and the creative industry has giving room to so many talented youths to make impact in Nigeria.

Our music is something great to reckon with today throughout the world, but there are some legend who has suffered for this cause that are no more.

Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was the one who brought Fuji music to limelight. The legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti suffered a lot to bring Nigeria Hip hop to limelight and he did that successfully.

The “Chief executive Omoita” Oladapo Olaitan aka Dagrin was the first successful and well established Yoruba rapper who paved way for the likes of Olamide, Reminisce, Oladips, Chinko Ekun and many others too numerous to mention.

Below is a quick brief about 3 Legends who has influenced Nigerian sounds


Fela Kuti the Nigerian musician and activist inspired millions of Africans and some of the biggest names in western pop with the Afrobeat sound he created and his heroic struggle against an oppressive military dictatorship.


Dagrin touched lives in many ways, and his legacy has been cemented in the history books of Nigerian entertainment.

For many who can’t remember him, rapper Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun a.k.a Dagrin was one of the best testimonial hardcore rap artistes Nigeria boasted of, he pave way for most of your mentor.


In spite of the huge contribution of Alhaji Barrister to popular music and traditional culture, he is less appreciated in the public space, unlike his contemporaries.

Yet, his music continues to occupy bigger space in the Fuji music industry, no thanks to the genuineness of the talent and the tenacity of the exponent himself. Barrister traversed the music world like a colossus.

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