Davido in open confrontation with bouncers at Kenyblaq’s show

Obviously expecting to be pampered at the VVIP entrance, Davido, who is known to always go out with a large number of aides to any event, was shocked to be treated like regular guests who also came for the show.

Livid with anger after being embarrassed for not wearing the VVIP hand band, Davido exchanged angry words with one of the bouncers who prevented him and his team members from entering the VVIP section.

But in no time, the looming fracas was amicably resolved as he and his aides were granted access into the VVIP section to enjoy the show which had already began.

Meanwhile, Davido’s celebrated girlfriend, Chioma Roland, who since their love affair went viral is usually seen in his company, at all events both locally and internationally, was missing in action.

There were speculations from the crowd that she may have gone back to school or decided to lay low for a while since Vanguard Ripples had reported that trouble may be looming in her family over her dumping school for a celebrated relationship with Davido.

Ref: vanguard


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