Delayed Dreams and Spiritual Battles; a true life story….

Delayed Dreams and Spiritual Battles; a true life story….

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At times we go through difficulties and it seems we just cannot break through. While challenges are an integral part of life, there are times when a little extra effort in the spiritual realm is needed to fast track the much needed breakthrough. A friend of mine was once in that situation, encountering difficulties despite all efforts. Below is his story in his own words:

Some years back, it appeared I had ill luck in every aspects of my life, but I was not bothered as my excellent performance and academic achievements do not let me nurse any fears about my future.

I graduated several years ago and observed my youth corps program in one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. When I was in NYSC camp, I got assurance from a well-connected uncle of mine about my posting. He told me he had discussed with a senior staff in one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria about it, and he was always calling me to keep me updated. In fact, he gave me the contacts of this senior staff so I could keep in touch with him. With this assurance, I became very excited and started thinking of the sweet possibility of getting staffed at the bank after my service.

Sure enough, the senior staff came to camp specifically to submit the names of the corp members they would be needing in the branches of their bank in that state. I could not wait to meet him. On sighting the nice, gray Toyota car occupied by a clean shaved man in corporate outfit, I knew it had to be him. I approached the car and introduced myself. He greeted me and told me he would be expecting me in his own branch. He mentioned my full name which I confirmed. He also called another Corp member, who happened to be a younger brother to one of the directors. He told us to always walk together and do things in common. I began to have pleasant dreams as from that moment.

The judgement day:

I call this day the judgement day because everyone was scared about their posting . I had my bath very early for the final parade, ran to my friend’s cubicle, hurried him up to enable us get our letter so as to report at the branch of the bank the same day.

We were both excited.

Right on schedule, we received our letters. He opened his and it was just as we expected. At this point my blood pressure was fluctuating and my heart beating erratically. I was totally anxious about my posting. So I opened mine too…. Alas! I was to resume at a building materials shop.

It was unbelievable! I broke into tears with my friend consoling me. I called the bank manager and he could hardly believe my tale. On getting to the city, I discovered about seven Corp members had been posted to that very branch of the bank. Hmmm. To say I was weak and disappointed would be an understatement.
It was concluded that my name was probably replaced or there was a mix up while typing the posting letter. I was so sad and discouraged. I began to ask myself what I had done wrong. My despair knew no bounds when I discovered that some of the corp members that were posted to the bank had even lower grade than I had.
My uncle was well connected, so he advised I get a letter of rejection from my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) to enable us get a slot with some other banks. We visited two other banks where he had connections, but because we came late, they could not create a position for me. I was so upset and wondered at my ill luck.
I floated for weeks, and teaching seemed to be the only option left. I told my uncle I would prefer a higher institution where I would be able to function as a graduate assistant. Upon discussing with a special assistant to the governor of the state, I was connected to one of the higher institutions in the city, where I was accepted and attached to a lecturer with whom I was to work.

At the institution:

After a month in the school, the HOD approved for me to teach two courses. I was eager to prove myself to her, and when I had my first class, I saw it as an opportunity to sell myself. I remember vividly, the class capacity was more than 300 because it was a combined class. The students marveled because they had never seen anyone deliver a lecture offhand while giving a lecture note of about six pages. I was a renowned tutor in my undergraduate days, having taught a class of 550 students, so such feat was not a big deal to me.
I liked what I did. I helped so many students, motivating them and preparing them for the challenges after school. I was well loved, a favourite of the students who trooped into my office for counselling. Gradually, my days as a Corp member winded down, and expectations were high among the students that I would definitely be retained. Surely, no department would let an individual with such huge potential go! I had also fallen deeply in love with academics and was already planning to put in for my master’s programme.

After NYSC:
Some of the lecturers advised I applied for the post of graduate assistant. I applied and informed my uncle who in turn informed the Special Adviser to the Governor. The Special Adviser promptly gave me a letter to the vice chancellor of the institution. After waiting for several months with no news from the school, I had to go back home to my mother. And thus began the ultimate search for a job in my locality. I updated my CV and started applying for jobs in different establishments. I visited cyber cafes often for job updates.

The labour market:
It was not long before I observed that responses were not forthcoming from the firms I applied to. It was almost as if they never got my applications. I never got tired, I kept applying. After some months, I got an invite for an aptitude test and an interview from a telecommunications company in Lagos. I did well in the interview and was expecting a feedback from them. I also wrote aptitude tests at Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Federal Inland Revenue Services, and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency respectively. Ultimately, I got no response from all of them. I became too broke to purchase tickets at the cyber cafe to enable me apply for more jobs. My mother suggested I got a master’s degree. She took a loan from a cooperative to pay my fees. I got the degree and was still unemployed.

The fake prophet:

I followed a friend of mine to see a pastor. After some prayers (I do not believe in soothsayers and prophecies), the man said he could see my friend in a paramilitary uniform, and told me he could see me lecturing soon. At this point he had my attention. So he told us we would have to raise 5000 naira each so he could prepare us some items for prayers. My friend and I looked for the money at all costs. We went back to the pastor and he gave us a small plastic bowl filled with pinkish soap. We were to bathe with it for 7 days.

After three days:
It seemed the soap had a sedative effect, for each time I used it, I fell into deep sleep. By the third day, I decided to discontinue the soap and throw it away. After all, jobs do not come to people in dreams, I reasoned. I knew there was a problem. Fake pastors would see your heart’s desires but would not know the exact thing to do for you to make you achieve them .

Few months later I was roaming about aimlessly and I met an old friend. He was an undergraduate student of the school I acquired my master’s degree from and he calls me Professor. It was great to see him, and he could easily deduce from my haggard looks that I was unemployed. He was aggrieved and said, “Prof, it’s like your problem is not ordinary.” I found the statement ridiculous and left.

Help from a politician:
In the height of frustration, I took my CV to a politician and told him I wished to work as a graduate assistant in any university. He went through my CV, was impressed and asked me to come see him on the day he expected a vice chancellor to pay him a visit. On the appointed date, I got there as early as possible. It was in a Sunday.
Hours after the arrival of the vice chancellor, the politician sent for me. He took my hand and handed me over to the VC, telling him he must employ me. The VC scheduled an appointment with me for 9am the following day at his office. When I met him the following day, he was impressed by my CV. He minuted on it and instructed his secretary to forward it to the appropriate quarters.
When I got no feedback after several weeks, one of my lecturers took me to the administrative block to investigate the issue. To my chagrin, we discovered my application made no progress at the registrar’s office.

My heart sank:
My lecturer told me he smelled a spiritual problem, saying he had similar experiences many years ago. He advised I should forget employment and first tackle the spiritual problem. I retraced my steps back to the friend who told me my problem could be spiritual. He told me about his elder brother who had a breakthrough after having a counselling session with the general overseer of their church. On visiting the church, I was among the few he was able to attend to. Thus began the journey to my breakthrough.

The prophesy:

The prophet confirmed what I already suspected, that my problems were spiritual. He also revealed that if I could pray and fast, I would come back to testify. He started me on a nine day fasting, prayer and vigil which must be observed in the church premises for proper devotion and concentration. He prophesied that I would get two job offers within three months after the program. He said the first job will come with a small pay, and the other one will come with a fat pay. He, however, admonished that I should not reject the first when it came. I was elated.

The revelation:

Shortly after the fasting and prayer, I dreamt and I saw a man who asked about the whereabouts of my certificates. Unsuspecting, I told him I kept them in the wardrobe. He asked to see them so I went over to the wardrobe, only to find the original copies were missing. All I could find were photocopies. After a frantic search, he finally revealed that the originals had been with him for a long time. He handed them over to me, every single certificate I ever got, from my O Level, my NYSC certificate and my BSc statement of result. I was petrified, so I gave the man 200 naira. Then I woke up. I prayed and I was happy because I smelled victory.

The break:

Few days later, somebody asked for my CV. By the second week, I was called for an aptitude test. Three days later, I did my interview and I got my employment letter to resume as a project officer in an IT firm. I was so happy as I knew the prophesy was coming to reality. Two months later I got chatting with one of my old friends on Facebook, he told me his firm was recruiting and I gave him my CV. Out of the 2800 candidates who took the aptitude test, less than 200 of us were shortlisted. I did the interview, medicals and I got my offer letter. In Just six months, I was able to save enough money and married my long time fiancée. Nine months after my wedding, I was able to buy the car of my dreams.

Many are struggling to achieve one or two things in life without success. Why don’t you embark on the move to search for the root cause of your problem…

We live in a wicked world.

My question to you is, where are your credentials?

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Editor: Temitope Oke.


  1. Someone will study medicine and surgery and be teaching Biology in a secondary school….there is a problem..let him check if his certificates are not in the custody of spiritual archivists.

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  3. it is really true that spiritual things should not be treated physically and physical things should not be treated physically, we need to identify our problems nd solve dem wit d appropriate measures, I also encountered a problem like dis

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