Five beautiful celebrities married as second wives

There are many celebs in Kenya married as second wives, or even mpango wa kando to someone.

Actually, fame, glory or money can’t buy love. Sometimes even beauty queens have to bow down before getting some to date them. That’s why some female Kenyan celebs have resulted into being second wives. Here are five celebs married as second wives:

1. Amber Ray

Amber Ray is a top Kenyan socialite. She is married to a Kisii politician. However, she is the second wife to Zaheer Jhanda. She admitted to have gone through a lot of struggles being a second wife. All in all, she is married as a second wife with all her beauty and fame.

2. Catherine Wambugu

Catherine Wambugu is the Laikipia Women Rep. She is married to Wakili Kiget, but as a second wife. You remember when she was kicked out of a hotel room in Laikipia for failing to produce a marriage certificate? Well, it’s because she is a second wife.

3. Susan Owiyo

Susan Owiyo is a celebrated Luo singer. She is married to Mr. Ounga Oguda as a second wife. She has been in this marriage for over 16 years, having a 14 years old daughter.

4. Esther Passaris

The Nairobi Women Rep was once married as a second wife to a coffee farmer billionaire, Pius Mbugua Ngugi. She divorced him and now she is a single mother of two, Maken Maria and Lefteris Ngugi.

5. Emmy Kosgei

Traditional gospel music star Emmy Kosgei is married to a Nigerian pastor, Apostle Anselm Madubuko. She was married to him in 2013, just a year after Apostle Anselm’s first wife had died of heart attack.

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