Heavy Flood In Abeokuta Kills Children, Destroys Buildings (Disturbing Photos)

Ruins have been left behind following the spate of flooding in Ogun State in the South-western part of Nigeria.

Many, including mother and child, are feared missing and billions of naira worth of properties destroyed by ravaging massive flood in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, and its environs following about two hours torrential rain that pounded the city on Friday evening.

Scores of residents were sacked from their homes and shops when their apartments were either submerged or brought down by the flood. Household items, goods and other valuables were destroyed.

In Omolasho and Kuto, major commercial areas of Abeokuta, goods and structures worth millions of naira were swept away and emptied into a canal by the Isabo state High court area where the flood was most violent and fiercest.

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