Help! Who Should I Marry?

Help! Who Should I Marry?

Dear reader,

Kindly advise me as I am in a state of dilemma. I really wish to hide my identity for obvious reasons. Please read my short story and advise me on what to do:

I was not born with a silver spoon, yet I kept striving everyday to ensure I liberate my family and generations to come from poverty. My parents were not educated, , they were subsistence farmers who could not afford to sponsor our tertiary education. The third of five children and the only son, I was a science student in secondary school, and very brilliant. Though I had only two pairs of uniform, no one knew until my final exams, when I outgrew both uniforms.

With no sponsor in sight, I decided to work for four years after secondary school to raise money for my university education. When I was finally able to save enough money that would see me through the university, I obtained UTME form and started preparing for the exam. I used to read for 8 hours on Saturdays. I studied my dictionary from A to Z to enable me score a good mark in English language. As expected, I passed the exam and I was admitted into a federal university to study industrial chemistry.

In my third year, I met a lady who was a first year student at the department of Human Kinetics. She was very pretty and calm. We became good friends and our friendship later metamorphosed into a serious relationship.

She decided to introduce me to her mother when I was about to go for National Youth Service Corp program. I was invited to their house in Badagry, that was my first time in Lagos state. I was given a warm treatment and I was elated. To prove my seriousness, I also took her to see my parents in my village.

I was posted to Port Harcourt for my Youth Corp program. After some time, (how long, Kay?) I noticed she seldom pick my calls. I was so worried. I had my reservations about taking her to my village then because I was afraid our poverty level would turn her off, and it seemed my fears were being confirmed. My mind kept buzzing with possible explanations. Then one night, she picked my call and broke the news to me: her mother told her I was not the type of man she wanted as her in-law. Ergo, she was no longer interested.
My heart broke into a thousand fragments.

I decided to move on with life. Four months later, I became good friends with a particular lady in my CDS group. Though not as pretty as my ex, I love her manners and I respect her humility.

After my NYSC program, unemployment loomed and I decided to organise a coaching center in my area. There was this young lady who had phobia for mathematics, so I decided to give her special attention. She told her parents about me and her father asked me to assist her and ensure she get a good grade in her exams. I did and she made it.

To show their gratitude, her parents invited me for dinner. The highlight of the evening was when her father asked what he could do for me. It was surreal. I told him I needed a job as I had been unemployed. He asked for my CV, and shortly after, I was invited for an aptitude test in the oil company he was working. I performed excellently and was scheduled for interview. Two months later, I was employed. My annual salary became N10.5M.

I was finally out of poverty!

Now I live in Port Harcourt and I have forgotten that I ever suffered in the past. I use a Mercedes Benz 2013 model, I have gotten an apartment for my parents and I have established my sisters, though three of them are married .

I am thinking of getting married. My ex has started begging me after she saw my pictures on Facebook, that lady in CDS does not want to leave me and the daughter of the rich man through which I got my job is eyeing me.

Please what should I do ?

Kindly comment please !!!

Editor : Temitope Oke

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