How my friend had 5.0 CGPA in a semester

Many students have been struggling with poor results despite the sleepless nights devoted to reading and preparation for their examination. please read this carefully and I believe you would be inspired.

When I was an 100 level student of Economics in one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria, my first CGPA was 4.67. I was one of the students that had the best result in my department that semester, all eyes were on me and everyone wanted to be my friend to enable them learn from me. My result made my senior colleagues accepted my offer to be a tutor in 200 level first semester.

There was a particular friend of mine, so intelligent and brave. Most times he puts us through on topics that seem to be difficult. Despite his degree of acumen he had a bad handwriting. We decided to help him by compelling him to write more legibly, though he found it tough but he got used to it. Surprisingly, this great friend of mine registered for 9 courses in second semester year 2 and got grade A in all, I.e his GP was 5.0. He was so happy and impressed , we all rejoiced with him. He has bagged several postgraduate degrees in the field of Economics with impressive grades .

Many people are brilliant and intelligent but they have bad handwriting . We once read that good handwriting is an asset. Please endeavour to write well to avoid being deprived of good scores in your exams.

Write well, Read well, take time to relax, pray well and always be encouraged by the beautiful future ahead of you.

Thank you for your time .

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  1. Kindly name your friend with bad and good handwriting. I guess his primary teacher was absent and you guys later taught him how to write on 2B exercise book

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