See what happened to this man after eating in his dream

I interviewed a young man whose tummy kept swelling . Please take your time to read this story carefully and assist share with your loved ones.

Some weeks ago, I met a young man who could not walk on his own but with the help of an aide. I guessed he had issues with his legs, so i observed him critically and saw he was in great pain. I could not control my feelings, i had to ask if i could chat with him for a few minutes? His response got me surprised.

He said; few days prior to our encounter, he slept and had a dream. Someone came to him and offered him some pieces of garden egg which he collected and ate. When he woke up he had serious stomach pain, he said his tummy began to swell up. As at the time I saw him, he looked like a woman with 7 months pregnancy.

I met another man who told me he was very sick, and in his dream a nurse wanted to inject him, he refused the offer and woke up immediately. What could have happened to him if the nurse succeeded in giving him the injection?

Have you ever eaten in your dream ? Do you take cognizance of the events in your dreams ? Have you ever had your hair cut in your dream or a bathing encounter in your dream?

I asked a man about dreams, he said there is a strong connection between what happens in the dream and in physical realm.

Please do not take your dreams for granted . Tell your spiritual father if you can not handle it.

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